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If you have a new arrival in the family and you’re wondering what may be a suitable toy to give look no further. I’ve had four children and have worked out how best to spend your money and make that baby’s day.

A newborn coming into our noisy, smelly and strange new world will be bombarded by experiences every second of their waking day. What we take for granted like a mobile phone ringing, a cuddle, the air on our face, or a bath these are new experiences to them and they may not always be pleasant ones.

The idea is to introduce these little people to our world gradually and to encourage them to explore more as they grow older. The toy industry is expert in bombarding us with ideas. They spend millions on marketing strategies and clever ads that capture our attention but what we really want is to know that the toy we have chosen is suitable for baby and will nurture his senses as he lives his first three important months.

Working on the fact that a newborn can’t do anything but mum has to sometimes put baby down in order to have a bath, eat, drink a cup of tea or even go to the loo, one of the most important investments for a newborn would be a bouncer.

The cheapest start at around £14.99 and are simple but effective cloth bouncers which move when the baby moves and the top of the range products include music to sooth or amuse, a rocking motion to help baby sleep and toys dangling from above for baby to focus on and try and grab as he learns to move his arm where he wants to. This bouncer will be enjoyed for at least 6 months

Another good ‘Put Down’ place is a floor mat or baby gym, another safe place to put baby down where she may even drop off to sleep. As baby grows they discover the many different textures and toys sewn into her mat. It’s also an extremely useful gift as it can be carried everywhere, I used mine constantly and would take it out to the park, beach and family reunions.Prices range from £20 - £50 at the top of the range including padded bars going over the mat and hanging toys over baby.

One of the major finds in the first few months are hands or maybe I should say fists, baby feels hungry and stuffs their fist in their mouth to try and relieve the hunger. This leads to finding their hands for playing.

I always found it funny to watch my babies discover their hands for the first time purely by accident as they flashed in front of their eyes, watching the expression on their face as they studied the new find was so funny! There are plenty of wrist bands on the market but this pack priced at around £7.00 on going to press is the perfect buy!

I love this baby’s first rag book, to us it may seem boring only in black and white but what we forget is newborns haven’t mastered their sight completely yet and most colour will appear to them in black and white until their eyes learn to distinguish colour and there’s nothing a baby loves more than a friendly face to look at. This book ticks all of those boxes and has a mirror too to keep baby amused for ages.

My final toy is a coloured soft toy that dangles in front of baby wherever he may be sitting or lying encouraging him to swing out at it or to focus on the various parts.

The Manhattan Baby Whoozit does that, its colours are vibrant and it hangs by Velcro fastening meaning it can move around with baby to cot, to car seat to pram and it also has a squeaky nose!

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