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You & Your Body After the Birth

However you decide to deliver your new baby, the birth can be a huge ordeal on you and your body both mentally and physically. Just like during pregnancy, your emotions immediately after the birth can take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Your body will also need time to recover from such an experience. In this section we look at common questions mothers have about their body as well as offering a guide to the wide range of emotions you could be subjected to post pregnancy:

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Just remember, most women make a full recovery physically and mentally after giving birth. It can take time for this to happen but it is important not to rush this process as this can cause more severe the problems down the line. For recovery plans it is best to consult your GP as they will give you advice on how to cope with whatever issues you may face post pregnancy. If you have any specific questions relating to you and your body after the birth of your child use our questions and answers section here or ask us on our Facebook page.

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