Getting Pregnant

Fertility Concerns

Having concerns over fertility can be an upsetting position to be in, but it's important that you're well informed over the options available to you. You may believe that you already have all the information you need, but hopefully this page can offer you some tips and advice to get you through your fertility concerns and into a position to conceive.


Remember not to worry if you have fertility concerns as there are many options available to you, as well as people to talk to for support. If you are wondering about the causes of infertility then you should visit our page explaining all about issues that may arise when a couple tries to conceive. We also have a great section on how age affects fertility. It is important to remember that having concerns over fertility should not mean giving up on being a parent, instead it is hopefully the beginning of an exciting journey!


  • fertility tests

    Fertility Tests

    A guide to the fertility tests you can take and what they will reveal.

  • IVF


    A quick guide to IVF; what it is and how it can help you to have the baby you've always wanted.

  • alternatives to IVF

    Alternatives to IVF

    If IVF isn't for you this guide will help you to discover the alternative choices you have to conceive.

  • conception via sperm donor

    Conception via Sperm Donor

    A look at sperm donation and how it could help you to have a baby.

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