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Carnitine in Pregnancy

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Carnitine is an amino acid derivative found in meats in the diet. By making sure you keep your levels up during pregnancy you can help ensure optimal foetal development.

The benefits of Omega 3 intake are well documented. However, many people are unaware of how important carnitine can be for ensuring you make the most of your Omega 3's. During pregnancy carnitine levels drop to about half the normal value in the mother.

This shows that usage of carnitine is increased during pregnancy and thus so is the dietary need. Providing your body and your baby with enough of this vital and diverse nutrient can help you give a boost to the young one.

Supplementing with 2g of carnitine a day will help to ensure optimal uptake of Omega 3 fatty acids and reap the many benefits of these essential nutrients. Carnitine will also help you minimize fat gain during pregnancy due to its effect on fat metabolism. Carnitine improves not only your ability to burn fat, but also your insulin sensitivity, a factor that can have profound effects on your body composition and general health.

Carnitine taken by the male in a couple who are trying to get pregnant can increase the chances of conception through improved sperm swimming power.

The best form to buy is Acetyl L Carnitine. It is widely available, just make sure you buy from a trusted source.

Carnitine can also act as a stimulant. Not in the same way as caffeine and not in a dangerous way. It doesn't raise heart rate or blood pressure but does improve brain function. With that in mind, take it at the start of the day as it can affect sleep if taken later in the day.

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