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During pregnancy, your lifestyle will change. As a mother-to-be, you need to be more conscious of your diet and health in order to look after both you and your unborn child. Your ever-growing size means that some activities need to be temporarily put on hold. In addition, there are several rules of pregnancy that you must remember. These include staying out of Jacuzzis, not wearing high heels, not touching sheep at the petting farm and not emptying the cat's litter tray. However, this does not mean a mother-to-be should just sit down for nine months! While a healthy pregnancy lifestyle does have its limitations, it does not mean all of your usual activities are out of bounds. Here, we have put together a number of guides to help you have a safe and fun pregnancy.

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We have tried to cover the most common areas of concern, but if you can't find the answer to your question here then why not try asking a question via our questions and answers section or head over to our Facebook page. Everyone's pregnancy is different and your body might react differently to others when introducing certain lifestyle changes. If you have any concerns about your own, or the baby's health while you are pregnant then you should seek medical advice.

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