Side Effects of Pregnancy On You

Pregnancy is an inevitable journey for those who conceive their own children. Some people enjoy it, some people put up with it, while some really do detest it. Needless to say, pregnancy is a huge change to the whole of your body. It's important to remember that you are creating another person inside of you, and this can really affect the way your body works. Consequently, you might find that there are some changes that you didn't expect, alongside the change in size. This section of should help to guide you through the side effects pregnancy may have on you and your body.

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One of the most obvious changes will be weight gain, but remember it is normal to put on more than a few pounds during pregnancy. Morning sickness is another common side effect, but with the correct management it can be kept at bay. There are other, more serious side effects that can develop throughout pregnancy, for example sciatica and bladder problems - but remember that what you are facing has probably been faced by thousands of women before you, and thousands of women will follow afterwards. GPs and nurses are happy to deal with any concerns you have during pregnancy, and don't be embarrassed by any side effects you may face, the doctors will have seen worse!

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