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A Week in the News - 8th August 2014

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It seems that the hot weather that we have been experiencing across the country is coming to an ubrupt end as storms are sweeping across the nation, including the potential for a tropical storm to arrive by the end of the weekend. The continuing situation across Ukraine, and between Palestine and Israel continues to hit the headlines and there are also the problems with ISIS in Iraq. Of course we will move our attention to the stories which focus on pregnancy and babies across the world.

Breastfeeding and Childbirth

According to a study in the US, babies who are breastfed are less likely to suffer from heart problems in later life. Of course this is an interesting study, and one which would give breastfeeding supporters more weight to their argument of how important breastfeeding can be. It has been suggested that breastfeeding leads to children having less fatty deposits in their arteries, and this in turn can lead to healthier hearts. Would a study such as this lead you to be more likely to breastfeed?

Do women get enough support when it comes to breastfeeding? Last weekend people across the globe celebrated 'World Breastfeeding Day' with various different ways of celebrating. Whether it was simultaneous breastfeeding or simply visiting an event, plenty of people were in support. That being said the article goes on to discuss how women that breastfeed feel that they do not get enough support. It could go from young people being embarrassed, to simply not understanding the advantages that breastfeeding can offer. If you breastfed, did you feel like you had all the information that you needed?

According to a survey by Mumsnet, around 47% of mums enjoyed childbirth, but would do it differently. Is this something that you can agree with? You often hear mothers explain how painful childbirth is, but have you discussed with someone before how you enjoyed it? It would be interesting to see if this Mumsnet survey is applicable across all women who have given birth.

Genetics, Play and Baby Gammy

A story on the BBC website has looked at how experts have suggested women should be offered screening tests earlier in pregnancy to spot genetic problems. They argue that screening should take place much earlier to spot these problems as currently tests are given at around 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Would you agree with this change? It seems to make sense that if tests can take place earlier in pregnancy to spot the same problems then they should be on offer.

Wednesday was National Play Day, and a story in the Telegraph has looked at how important play is to a child's development. Anyone who has a child going to nursery and into their first year at school knows how most of the learning that is done in those years is play based. The article shows how important play can be in formative years, and why it is vital that your child gets that opportunity. What do you do to give your child the chance to play?

Finally this week we look at the story which has developed over the past couple of weeks that being of the baby boy who has been 'abandoned' in Thailand as he has Down's Syndrome. This article is only a brief summary of the conflicting reports of the case, and it would take too long to discuss the case in detail - anyone who has been following the news will understand that there are many different sides to this debate. Unfortunately a child is stuck in the middle, we hope it all is resolved soon.

We're taking a break until September, so see you next month!

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