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Finding out when you are most likely to conceive is important for anyone who is trying to fall pregnant. Using our ovulation calculator you can be sure to find the days when you are most fertile, and consequently most likely to begin the path to having a baby. By giving you the dates when you are most fertile you can plan your days for attempting to conceive, and remember that it is important to enjoy yourself, don't think of it as a task!

For the ovulation calculator to work, and for it to increase your chances of getting pregnant you will need to tell us to first day of your last period. This will then give us the starting point for working out when you will be most fertile! It is important that you know how long your menstrual cycle normally lasts, as this will determine the exact dates you will be most fertile, the calculator gives you the option of anything between 20 and 42 days, so making sure you know how long your menstrual cycle lasts is really important. When you know the answer to these two questions, then you can enter them into our ovulation calculator.

NOTE: This tool provides approximate dates only and assumes a regular menstrual cycle. If your menstrual cycles are irregular, you may have trouble pinpointing your day of ovulation based on the calendar alone.

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Number of days in your menstural cycle

Using these dates, the calculator will be able to predict when you will be most fertile during your next menstrual cycle, this will give you the best opportunity to conceive a child, and hopefully will end up with you falling pregnant on one of the days in question!

If the calculator works for you, and you do fall pregnant on one of these days, the calculator will also offer you the date on which you are most likely to give birth. So not only can you plan when you will conceive your child but you will also have the opportunity to plan exactly when you will be giving birth! It is important to remember that although we try and give you the days that you are most fertile, and we really want to help you, the tool does only provide approximate dates, and if your menstrual cycles are irregular then you may have trouble pinpointing the exact date of ovulation based on the calendar alone.

We hope that you enjoy using the ovulation calculator that we have created; we want to give you as much information as possible when it comes to pregnancy and getting pregnant. Helping you understand when you are ovulating and at your most fertile will give you the best chance to fall pregnant, but remember you don't have to keep trying for just 4 days a month! Making sure you try to conceive as much as possible will give you the greatest chance of falling pregnant, luckily it is not an exact science, so you can't say that getting pregnant is boring!

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