Welcome to the Pregnancy section, we have tried to cover everything that you will encounter during your pregnancy. If you haven't already, put your email in the box along the right hand side along with your due date and we will give you a week by week update on your pregnancy!

Take a few minutes to look at what you can expect to be going through during your pregnancy right now, whether it be your first trimester, second trimester or third trimester.

Sadly not many women can go through their pregnancy without a problem of some sort whether it is morning sickness or a low-lying placenta. You can look at some of the common problems you might come across in our problems during pregnancy section - these are usually nothing to worry about but it is helpful to understand your symptoms, to know what actions you can take to help yourself, and when you should seek medical advice.

There will come a time in your pregnancy when you will have to announce the conception of your baby and even decide whether to find out the sex of your baby. We have advice on when you should make decisions and what factors you need to consider.

Adapting to being pregnant is difficult for some new mums, there are a lot of things that you are advised not to indulge in such as alcohol or smoking. We have put together a do's and don'ts of pregnancy section to try and answer common questions.

Finally if you are one of the 2% of women who have found out you are giving birth to multiples, first of all congratulations and secondly check out our section all about being pregnant with multiples - find out if twins really do mean double trouble!

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