Second Trimester

15 Weeks Pregnant

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Your baby at 15 weeks pregnant

Your baby is approximately 11-12cm in length from crown to rump this week and will weigh between 55-85g. This is a broad weight range and is indicative of the varied rates of growth between children of the same age throughout their childhood years. However, while the size and weight of your baby will vary to that of your friends' babies, their development pattern should be more in line with each other, particularly at this stage.

The important facial features took shape some weeks ago, yet the positioning of these is still a work in progress. The ears have now found their rightful place on the sides of the baby's head, but the eyes are still making the journey from the side of the head to the front of the head. The baby is also getting more active now, and is likely to be wiggling his or her fingers and toes or sucking their thumb already!

15 Weeks Pregnant

How you are feeling at 15 weeks pregnant

The chances are that once your news is out in the open you will begin to notice the same questions and conversations happening again and again with people. Remember that they are only interested and you must try to be thick-skinned (which is hard when your hormones are playing havoc with your emotions anyway). You may find that you are asked time and time again whether the baby is kicking yet. The answer to this is now yes, but that isn't to say that you should have actually felt those movements yet, so don't feel upset if you have not. Every woman is different, as is every pregnancy. It is often reported that women on their second pregnancy (or more) can feel 'quickening' (the term used to describe the feeling of early movement) by this week. If you are particularly thin you may also be feeling movement by now. However, most women will not begin to feel movements for several weeks so do not let this worry you. Every woman describes feeling the baby move in different ways, you may feel tiny popping-like movements, or a ripple moving through your tummy; many women say that the early movements are easy to confuse with wind!

What you need to do at 15 weeks pregnant

The importance of a good diet and exercise program cannot be reiterated enough times. This middle trimester is the perfect time to get going with a new exercise, such as swimming or power walking. Do check with your doctor if you are at all unsure, but remember that regular exercise will help you maintain a healthy pregnancy and is likely to help you have an easier labour as well.

Are you worried or confused about the types of foods you should and should not eat during pregnancy? The best approach is to try to make sure that you are having a varied diet, with plenty of fibre and protein, and to make sure that you are getting your 5-a-day, every day, regardless of whether or not you are taking a nutritional pregnancy supplement. The key foods that you need to avoid are raw or undercooked meat, fish or eggs, unpasteurised cheese, milk or fruit juice. Change your day to day approach to food taking into account that you are carrying the most important person in your world right now; make sure that you maintain the highest level of food safety and hygiene at all times and when in doubt about eating or drinking something, go for something else.

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