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So you've found out you are pregnant, congratulations! Now, apart from finding out the sex of your child, whether that is from a scan or a surprise at the end, the most important thing is to find when you are due. Using our calculator will give you a good estimate on when your likely to give birth, and will give you the opportunity to plan your pregnancy, and plan your life leading up to your giving birth.

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The calculator works by first off determining the last day of your previous menstrual period, by then entering the amount of days in your menstrual cycle the calculator will predict when you fell pregnant. Working from these entries the due date calculator will be able to predict the day you will give birth, and give you a chance to relax knowing exactly how long you've got until the big day!

It is important that although our pregnancy calculator will give you an idea of when you will give birth, the date is not set in stone! A variety of things can alter the date of your birth, you could give birth before or after the date we offer you. Although this is the case, the pregnancy calculator will give you a good idea of the period you will be expecting to give birth, so you can plan for all eventualities in the weeks prior to that date. Knowing when it is likely that you will give birth is really exciting, and can make the pregnancy even more fun, who doesn't want to know when they will reach their goal!

Hopefully this due date calculator will give you an opportunity to see how long you will have to wait until your baby is born, and remember that your pregnancy should be fun. Don't sit around waiting for the exact date to come and expect your baby to just appear. Go out, have fun, enjoy your pregnancy and telling people all about it, a lot of people will be just as excited as you are and will love hearing your stories. Your due date is the beginning of a long story in your life, but your pregnancy has already begun, so go out and enjoy yourself, these nine months will fly by!

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