Childbirth & Labour

Finally comes the stage that you have been waiting for. Whether it's been 9 months, 40 weeks, less, or more, childbirth and labour is one of the most important parts of your whole pregnancy. At the end of it you will get to meet your baby for the first time, and complete the cycle that you have been waiting all that time to finish.  This section will help you understand your experience, and includes a wide variety of articles:

Whilst childbirth and labour may be the culmination of everything you have been looking forward to, it is important to remember that this is an extremely important stage, and it's unlikely that it's going to be easy and straightforward! Of course the first most important thing is trying to work out exactly when you will need to be prepared for childbirth. By using our due date calculator you can begin to work out when it is likely for you to go into labour, and try and create a plan of action for this date and the weeks before and after. It is important that you are ready to go into labour, and have thought about everything that you might need when you are giving birth, whether that be in a hospital or the variety of other locations you might consider (or never consider but end up in!). That means having a Birth Plan is really important, and following our guidelines for what exactly to involve in it could really help you out. There are so many things to consider in your plan that you might not have even begun to think about, so getting some guidance could mean the difference between a stress free, if that's possible, birth, or one which really seems like a nightmare.

Find out all about labour!

Then of course comes labour, the final stages of your pregnancy, and the start of your new life with a baby, whether it is your first, second, or eighth child the experience is different every time so getting to know the ins and outs of labour is really important. Going through each stage of labour is vital, so we want to help you understand exactly what goes on in the first stage of labour and how you can track the signs of the beginning of birth. What about the second stage of labour when the exertion really starts and your child is on the verge of being born, it is important that you know what will happen at this point, no one wants any shocks when they are delivering a new baby into the world. Or finally the third stage of labour once your baby has been born, and you are taking those final steps out of the hospital and into a new world for both you and your baby. It is at this point when you will now have the responsibility for looking after a new person, and the excitement really begins!

What happens after the birth?

Once you have given birth and have that baby in your arms you will want to know exactly what will happen after the birth. There are a variety of things that will happen to you, your baby, and your home after you have given birth and in this section we want to give you as much information as possible so you can begin your adventure happily.

There is no need for childbirth and labour to be seen as a horrible experience, the whole process can be exciting, if not painless, and we all know that it hopefully ends with you and your baby beginning to bond. It's the most exciting time of your pregnancy, and one that you will remember forever, and it's the beginning of your baby's life in this world. So getting to understand exactly what will happen will not only put you on the right footing, but will also give you the best chance to understand what your baby will want, why certain things are happening to you and how to make the first steps as a parent.


It's an exciting time, so good luck with your pregnancy, labour, and the excitement of those first few moments with your new child.

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