Childbirth & Labour

Approaching D-Day

It can sometimes be a frustrating time for a mother who is approaching the final stages of their pregnancy. Every kick, movement and pain could be the start of labour and many mums don't know what to expect when labour starts. In this section we guide you through some of the emotional and physical signs of going into labour. This guide should give you a good indication of what to expect when the baby is on its way:


  • emotions during prelabour

    Emotions During Pre-labour

    Whether you like it or not, your emotions are going to go wild during pre-labour. Nesting instincts kick in and you might find yourself doing strange things. Find out what the most common emotions experienced during pre-labour are in this guide.

  • signs that baby is on its way

    Signs the Baby is on its Way

    Take a look at the most common signs that the baby is on its way.

  • physical signs of labour

    Physical Signs of Labour

    A look at the physical signals your body will give you that you are going into labour.

These articles are a guide to knowing when you are going into labour. Everybody is different and you will most likely feel slightly varying symptoms to what we outline in the articles. If at any point you are unsure about whether you are going into labour or not it is important you contact your GP/hospital or midwife to get their advice.

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