Early Days

Welcome to our early days section of If you have just found out that you are pregnant, congratulations! If you are not sure then you should check out our pregnancy symptoms page here. In this section we cover some of the issues women go through in the very early stages of suspecting or finding out that they are pregnant. If you are looking for more information on what you and your baby will be feeling at the start of your pregnancy, head over to our first trimester section here:


  • getting started

    Getting Started with Pregnancy

    Where to start with pregnancy? Find out what to do once you discover you are going to be a parent within the next nine months.

  • pregnancy tests

    Pregnancy Tests

    Ever wondered what pregnancy test to use, why they vary so much in price, or even how they work? This is the section for you.

  • announcing your pregnancy

    Announcing Your Pregnancy

    We take a look at when you should tell your family you are pregnant and how you should break the news.

Don't get too overwhelmed!

During the very early days of your pregnancy there are several changes you can make to your lifestyle and routine that will help to ensure a healthy pregnancy. You might find that everyone is trying to give you tips on what you should be doing during these nine months, and it can get confusing. The team at recommend that you check out our Diet, Fitness and Lifestyle section to see the benefits of making healthier choices when pregnant. There are some common misconceptions about life as a pregnant woman, such as the notion that you can't do any exercise. We have put together a common questions section here to help dispel the incorrect myths and also to give you the facts on leading a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

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