Pregnancy Extras

As soon as you know you're pregnant, you'll be itching to find out the answers to all those questions you have about your baby. Is it a boy or a girl? What colour eyes will they have? We look at ways in which you might be able to predict these things - and whilst some methods hold absolutely no scientific value whatsoever, we're sure you'll find them entertaining nevertheless! We also look at ways in which you can interact with your baby before he or she is born. They might not be ready for a two-way conversation yet but it isn't too early to play them music or read them a story.


  • Finding out the sex of the baby

    Finding Out The Sex of Your Baby

    How soon you can find out the sex of your baby? How do you make the decision whether to find out or whether to leave it as a surprise?

  • what colour eyes will my baby have

    What Colour Eyes Will My Baby Have?

    We delve into the science of what determines your baby's eye colour. 

  • predicting the sex of my baby

    Predicting the Sex of My Baby

    Did you know mother's intuition about the sex of the baby is right 70% of the time?

  • feeling the baby move

    Feeling the Baby Move

    Feeling your child move for the first time is one of the greatest moments of a parent's life. Find out what's going on in there, what's normal and how their movements change over the course of your pregnancy.

  • interacting with your unborn baby

    Interacting With Your Unborn Baby

    Learn how to interact with your child while it is still in the womb and how you can help develop your baby's senses.

Pregnancy is a fun and exciting time, and these extras will help you to learn more about your unborn child while finding new and different ways to enjoy being pregnant.

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